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Tales of Zestiria's Sorey and Alisha Are Possibly Fixed Party Members In Battle, Zestiria At TGS - Abyssal Chronicles - A Tales of Series Fansite



New cutout!


It’s cream, not white, and it’s not glued to the background yet, cause I’m a bit undecided as to what color to use…. I thought of yellow (the same one I used for Edna), or pale green (this color here tends more to the pale blue). Or pale pink. Or… I don’t know. What do you think?

Also, here’s the video!

For those that might be seeing this for the first time and thinking “Oh, I want one of those!”, here’s a link to my Commissions page ;)


do you ever get that horrible feeling in your stomach because you can’t imagine anyone ever falling in love with you and wanting to spend the rest of their life with you

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i like having big thighs because i can rest my coffee cup on them and not have to lean all the way over to the coffee table to get it